Southern Utah 1/2 Marathon

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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:52 marathon @ St.George'07; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

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Love running now.

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Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 86.50 Month: 421.25 Year: 2867.25
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Ronin Lifetime Miles: 437.00
Kinvara White Lifetime Miles: 310.75
Barefoot '14 Lifetime Miles: 51.75
Lyte33 Lifetime Miles: 125.25
Kinvara Green Lifetime Miles: 159.50
Race: Southern Utah 1/2 Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:12:42, Place overall: 2
Total Distance

Southern Utah 1/2 1:12:42

Not too shabby / not too great. That was basically my day here. Home town course on the roads and paved trails The Circle runs every week for workouts, so that was fun. Warmed up 3+ with Clyde up on Highland. My mind and body both kind of wondered what I was doing racing... What does this racing even mean? I have struggled even keeping my head into running lately - not that it seems like a chore (because i love it); it just seems like a lot of work. In retrospect I wish I would have had another half this summer to remind me a bit how to race, but I am definitely glad I ran this as to get some of that going before the marathon. It was nice that no one was really here, because it was nice to get some money for what was really a tempo run. But this was a great race, nice course which was quick but not blazing by any means, put on very well, etc... So Clyde and I started off and I felt great. But you should feel good during the easy part of a race - at first and downhill. Climbing out of the gully, Clyde gapped me a little, but I was closing it up when we took an unexpected (but welcome) turn which Clyde missed and I yelled at him to get to. Then down 300 we stayed together some more. Getting onto Mosquito just over mile 4, we had an average of 5:09. Then on Mosquito Clyde took off - or really I struggled. Getting off the trail, my average had dropped to 5:18 and Clyde put at least 20 seconds on me. So I probably ran like 5:40's for that 1.5 mile section. I tried to close up a bit on the road and the beginning of the next section of the River Trail, but Clyde was gone. Through Mosquito and on, I had a very hard time getting out of marathon pace and pretty much failed at doing so. Probably 535's from here on out, since slowly the overall ave just kept sneaking up a sec or two per mile. Tried to battle and tell myself that a sub 1:13 would make me feel like I still have a chance at sub 2:30 with a solid month left to go. But, like I said, I really couldn't do much to go quicker - no quicker stuff at all in my training this year... That will probably end up being my downfall. Getting to 12 at just over 1:07, I knew I had 6 minutes for 1.1 to hit my improve goal. I kind of dug finally and got moving. Heard the crowd cheer for Clyde and thought, "Dang! He killed it!" Figuring I finished at 1:12:42, I must have had a decent last 1.1 - probably about where I should have been the whole race. Cooled for 4 with Clyde at the end. Good to see him run so well, and good to see Logan's team do so well up north - even though I still hate them. So, cool for my bros. and James ran solid and seems to be prepped for a decent marathon after all he has been through. As for myself, I feel a little antsy now. Maybe this will give the drive to finish up the last micropyle and end it all with another sub 2:30. But I have work to do. Do Work! (Adios 208)

The week was what it was... Better tempo, not as good race. Also decided that need so etching different than my adios for St. George. Talking with Clyde, I think I will get a new pair of Kinvara 5's to race in. It is a little weird because I train in them all the time. I like them a lot, however, and a new pair with a few workouts in them will still make them feel like a race shoe and get me that mental sharpness hat putting on a race shoe does.

Goals for next week: keep the focus on the marathon. So that means tempo good, running hard workouts with my team bad.

Adios Miles: 20.00
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Total Distance

AM - 4 Sunrise.  Just as I got to sleep last night, Laney came in needing me to put her earring back in, so then I couldn't get back to sleep.  Stayed up and read for quite awhile before finally falling back to sleep.  So I slept in a few more minutes and just joined the team for their run this morning.  It was a nice morning out, and I hope it is at least that cool tomorrow (or maybe a little more!).  (F50 717.75)

afternoon - 4 PV Tempo. Just down to the tempo loop with the team and then finished off a little with them to help a few kids. The day was good until spirit pack stuff... I hate that stuff! Warmer today; back over 100. (Free 948.95)

Free Miles: 4.00F50 Miles: 4.00
Total Distance

AM - 7.5 DI/Washington. Team had a little longer run this morning, so I didn't go as far, but we got further into DogTown. (Connect 761)

afternoon - 8.5 Fire Station desert. A new workout today - Sandy hills. Super tough 200 Meyer sand dune hillx5. Very good workout for the team; I was just along for the ride. Then into the desert for what became quite quite the adventure run through Millcreek canyon. Hotter today; we aren't used to this right now. Ended with 8xbarefoot striders. (Barefoot '14 51.75)(HyperSpeed 483.5)

Hyper Speed(used) Miles: 7.50Connect Miles: 7.50Barefoot '14 Miles: 1.00
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AM - 8 Lutheran/Sunrise.  Looked at all the damage done from last night's storm.  A lot of mud and rocks all over the roads.  Crazy weather lately.  Only run for today since the team has a time trial and I'll be busy with that.  Ankle felt fine running, but hurts a bit when I am not.  (Kinvara lime 542.25)

Kinvara Lime Miles: 8.00
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AM - 15.5 Tempo.  Pretty decent tempo this morning; I feel good about today.  Had some good convo with The Circle as we warmed.  Then we got going and I hanged in there until the Nicholl's Hill, which just kills me.  Was at 5:32 there.  Tried to close up the gap a bit on the next section, but it basically held.  5:34 at the bridge.  On Mosquito I could tell I was gaining on Clyde and I felt pretty decent.  5:34 there as well.  Don't know that I have ever held the time through this section, so that was nice.  On Riverside, started gaining on Logan and by the dino tracks, I stepped on the base for a barrier cone and totally renched my left ankle.  The right was already feeling a bit gimpy this morning, so that was a lot of fun.  I had to fight the urge to use this as an excuse and tried to keep pushing.  (It is now really hurting a lot, so that make me super happy.)  Just before getting on the trail I caught Logan as he had to slow to puke.  Hit this section at 5:35 as well.  Then on the trail I was in new territory.  I hadn't led a workout in years and it felt kind of wierd.  I wanted to really push, but wasn't sure; I wanted to slow down, but knew I shouldn't.  So, I just tried to keep it even.  Ended up at 5:35 at the finish.  It was nice to have some energy when I wanted to push and be able to fight the demons a bit.  The biggest help was that I didn't run the workout with the team yesterday.  I am also working to be at peace with a decision I have made.  I think I will be okay with it.  (Kinvara green 159.5)

afternoon - 5 school.  Another lightning storm, so in the school again.  Threw off my planned hills, so we will just go out there on Thursday.  I really dislike running around the school.  It is hot, boring, hard on the legs, no rythm.  I just really don't like it.  Quite a storm through the evening though.  (Stratus black 1155.45)

Stratus Black Miles: 5.00Kinvara Green Miles: 15.50
Total Distance

AM - 7.75 Washington/Sunrise.  Kind of the usual morning stuff now.  Didn't have the energy to get up and do the extra early stuff.  But run was decent.  Both feet are healing well and now just some tightness/weakness in the ankle.  (Lyte33 125.25)

afternoon - 6.25 grass loops.  Just ran around while the team was doing their workout.  Moved some cones around for their intervals/surge sections and yelled at them a bit.  10 minutes of elipitical as they did weights.  (Kinvara 992.15)

Kinvara Miles: 6.25Lyte33 Miles: 7.75
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Kinvara Miles: 6.25Lyte33 Miles: 7.75Stratus Black Miles: 5.00Kinvara Green Miles: 15.50Kinvara Lime Miles: 8.00Hyper Speed(used) Miles: 7.50Connect Miles: 7.50Barefoot '14 Miles: 1.00Free Miles: 4.00F50 Miles: 4.00Adios Miles: 20.00
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