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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George'14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

Short-Term Running Goals:

Love running now.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 95.00 Month: 49.75 Year: 1845.25
NB 101 Lifetime Miles: 718.25
Mana Lifetime Miles: 731.25
Hyper Speed 2 Lifetime Miles: 554.75
F50 Lifetime Miles: 808.75
Connect Lifetime Miles: 804.25
Zero Lifetime Miles: 313.75
Kinvara3 Lifetime Miles: 834.75
Vertical K Lifetime Miles: 474.00
Adios Lifetime Miles: 364.75
Rocket 2 Lifetime Miles: 99.75
Kinvara Lime Lifetime Miles: 633.25
Kinvara Silver Lifetime Miles: 497.50
Ronin Lifetime Miles: 524.75
Kinvara White Lifetime Miles: 437.00
Lyte33 Lifetime Miles: 219.00
Kinvara Green Lifetime Miles: 349.25
Kinvara Blue Lifetime Miles: 244.25
Pegasus 31 Lifetime Miles: 465.25
Barefoot '15 Lifetime Miles: 36.00
Wave Riders Lifetime Miles: 314.50
Kinvara Grey Lifetime Miles: 62.00
Pegasus Black Lifetime Miles: 123.50
Total Distance

AM - 13 DM/BHNP. slept in a little after a late ugh church meeting and got in a bit with Twix. Then a short break for the drive over to Bloomington Hills North Park for practice. We ran a couple laps of the course and then the Mayor's Loop. Life a little tired. (Barefoot '15 38)(Kinvara grey 62)

Barefoot '15 Miles: 0.25Kinvara Grey Miles: 12.75
Total Distance

AM - 12.75 Twix/Parkway. Took the dog on he route in reverse direction and then the Parkway for practice. All very easy... Necessary and Proper. I am thoroughly convinced that the Strausburg Sock was created by a masocist who laughed at the idea of taking an ornery injured runner and making his/her sleeps as uncomfortable and restless as possible. (Barefoot '15 35.75)(Peg Black 123.5)

RHR: 40

afternoon - 11 Forsyth Canyon. Just needed to get away from people and hit a trail. So I drove up to Pine Valley to tackle the Forsyth/Summit Trail. It was absolutely beast! Such a great experience. Allowed me to clear my head and enjoy some of the greatest creations made. Took it up in 1:26 and back down in 1:01 for the 3500 ft climb. Both were pretty easy. Wasn't trying to kill anything; just enjoy life. The view from the top is just absolutely breath taking. Glad I did it; even though when I got back to civilization it was more of the same. (VertK 474)

Vertical K Miles: 11.00Barefoot '15 Miles: 0.50Pegasus Black Miles: 12.25
Total Distance

AM - 13 DogTown/DM. Had a rough night for my poor feet. Both achilles are just a little sore; so I figured I had better follow the same advise I gave Alli P and do the stuff that makes them better. So I needed to wear the Strausburg sock. But on my left pinkie toe, I ripped out my hang nail yesterday and it was way sore - too sore to have that sock pulling on it all night. And my right big toe kills in that dang thing (unbeknownst to the world, I believe I broke it a few weeks ago; it always has a general pain, but in the Strasburg or when my shoe turns wrong - like going down rocky trails last week - or when I hit it it hurts bad enough to push to tears. Anyway, I decided I would do the right foot. It hurt that toe bad enough that I really could sleep. So at some point early in the night, I abandoned the effort. To the run... Forcing myself into an easy run today. Took Twix five around town. The left toe really hurt - probably the worst one of those has ever hurt, but by the end it had faded to a dull ache. Then ran Dirt Mile progression with the Varsity girls from 8:00 (actually a little quicker 'cause we got caught up in my yelling at the boys to get going), 7:50, 7:40, sub 7:00. They did a good job and are fun to run with. The boys did well upon their own, too. Both things made me quite happy. Finished up with 8xbarefoot striders. (Barefoot '15 35.25)(Riders 314.5)

RHR: 41

Barefoot '15 Miles: 1.50Wave Riders Miles: 11.50
Total Distance

AM - 15.5 Sullivan Tempo/Grass. What a tough day to get going. My first couple of miles with Twix were probably around 9 min pace. Yesterday's mileage and heat really got to me - so I'll take it a it easier tomorrow. Picked up James for our tempo. It was way tough to try and get a positive attitude going (and I never really got there). Tried to get out just a little quicker hoping it would get the body and mind going. So hit 5:58 and :59 at the corners. The hill was pretty tough for me today, but I really wasn't too far off of last week. The difference was last week I attacked the end of the hill, this week I was in survival mode and couldn't regroup anything when James came by me. Overall the age was 6:04, so only 2 seconds slower than last week. However, it felt like I should have been 10-15 seconds off. So the bad is that the overall thing was slower and I'm not seeing the improvement I want. The good, when feeling totally crappy and after a very long day yesterday I was still with last week. It'll come around; I just need to keep working. Then barefooting for practice and finished off the long morning with Kids Club. I would prefer an afternoon off, but it is our first practice today, so I had better get out there - since its at my house! (Barefoot '15 33.75)(Kinvara lime 633.25)

RHR: 42

afternoon - 4.75 DM/Turf Farm. Got out for a little over 2 before our first afternoon practice. Then ran 20 (actuall 21 - overtraining) minutes around the Turf Farm loop. Pretty hot out, but some very cool thunderheads around - that aren't going to do anything. (Ronin 524.75)

Kinvara Lime Miles: 11.50Ronin Miles: 4.75Barefoot '15 Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance

AM - 19 Twix/Fields. Got 5.5 with the dog before practice. Then for practice we ran into the Fields out to Treasure Valley and through PV Estates. It was a good solid run for the most part. Two things the team still really needs to work on 1) stronger runners helping those who are struggling stay in the group 2) those falling off the group pushing harder to get in the middle of the group. If we could really learn/implement this we would be well on our way to great things, but wouldn't we all. Ended with 8xbarefoot striders. (Barefoot '15 29.75)(Peg 465.25)

RHR: 42

afternoon - 6 ND. Very hot afternoon run; hottest of the year. A couple weeks ago the ice would last a little bit all 6 in my hat until the end; today, it was melted before 3. But... It is what it is. (Lyte33 219)

Lyte33 Miles: 6.00Pegasus 31 Miles: 17.50Barefoot '15 Miles: 1.50
Total Distance
Lyte33 Miles: 6.00Pegasus 31 Miles: 17.50Barefoot '15 Miles: 7.75Kinvara Lime Miles: 11.50Ronin Miles: 4.75Wave Riders Miles: 11.50Vertical K Miles: 11.00Pegasus Black Miles: 12.25Kinvara Grey Miles: 12.75
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