Painter's 1/2 Marathon

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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George '14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

Short-Term Running Goals:

Love running now.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 33.25 Month: 143.00 Year: 1062.75
Adios Lifetime Miles: 512.25
Rocket 2 Lifetime Miles: 109.00
Kinvara Grey Lifetime Miles: 222.00
Vazee Pace Lifetime Miles: 437.75
Pace Blue Lifetime Miles: 231.75
Boston Lifetime Miles: 506.50
Peg Green Lifetime Miles: 499.00
Speedgoat Lifetime Miles: 325.00
Peg Purple Lifetime Miles: 463.50
Ravenna Lifetime Miles: 501.50
Barefoot '18 Lifetime Miles: 6.75
Levitate Lifetime Miles: 370.25
Peg NOP Lifetime Miles: 337.00
Peg Blue34 Lifetime Miles: 318.75
Solar Glide Lifetime Miles: 116.75
Total Distance
Cumulus Gold Miles: 54.25Landreth Black Miles: 59.00Stratus Bee Miles: 46.00Stratus Black Miles: 57.70Cumulus White Miles: 44.95Landreth Miles: 54.45Cumulus Blue Miles: 17.00
Total Distance

morning - 12.1 Club run.  From store into Fields and up River Trail back to store.  A decent run.  James and I ran together as Bill and Steve took off.  (Cumulus gold 130.3)

Goals for this year: Last year I wrote out quite a list of goals and didn't get many of them, so in a way it damped what I did accomplish.  So I really don't feel like setting too many this year.  But here are a few things I would like to accomplish: Have a good quick 10K-1/2 marathon, since I've been working on my speed, I would like to have it pay off; Nothing about mileage numbers other than run enough to keep it fun and help me become a better runner; Continue to work to spread the all around awesomeness of this sport/lifestyle with my athletes, friends, family; Keep a good balance with my family who puts up with a lot because of what I do.

Cumulus Gold Miles: 12.10
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Total Distance

morning - 5.75 Washington Loop.  Just an easy run and then took the dog around the block.  (Landreth black 314.05)

noon - 5.1 Washington Parkway 6x1 min fartlek.  Got out earlier, since I wasn't wiped out from this morning's run and got it done.  Started the fartlek at the overpass at the top of the Parkway coming down, so the first 2 were downhill, 3rd pretty flat, 4th uphill on to Telegraph, 5th and 6th flat on Telegraph and into Cottonmill.  Went from .22 on downhiller's to .19 on uphill and .20 and .21 on flats (including last).  Good little speed play.  (Stratus bee 414.55)

Landreth Black Miles: 5.75Stratus Bee Miles: 5.10
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Total Distance

AM - 18.5 Quail Creek.  Had to get out pretty early due to some family things today, so I missed the club run.  Run was okay.  Saw four shooting stars - 1 big one - and the lake was cool looking in the dark.  Legs didn't respond too well to anything, so I kept it pretty chill.  Did push the last 7.5 a little to about a 6:10-30 average, but legs weren't wanting to go any quicker.  (Stratus black 125.75)

Week was pretty decent.  Interesting how quick the body adjusts to things.  I haven't run big mileage for 1 1/2 months and just going to this weeks mileage made me tired.  Although a lot of that had to do with this cold (and now it is an ear infections, beastly). 

Goals for next week: readjust to school life.  It has been great having the time off with the family and doing a lot of stuff together, but now it is time to get back to real life - so I'll see where that takes my running.

Stratus Black Miles: 18.50
Total Distance

afternoon - 10.5 Parkway.  Hit the Parkway with Austin and Corey.  Then brought it home from school as the Jeep is in the shop for a little while.  Snowed on us again.  The novelty of that has worn off.  (Landreth black 324.55)

Landreth Black Miles: 10.50
Total Distance

AM - 2.7 School.  Ran to school today as the Jeep will be in the shop for a little while.  It was 16 degrees and the snow had mad a layer of ice on everything - very slick.  (Stratus black 128.45)

afternoon - 10.9 Mall Trail w/ the boys, then hit 5xbarefoot striders - nice to be out barefooting again.  Then ran it home.  Decided against 2000's today because of the ear infection, now is not the time to make anything like that worse.  Was going to go home dogpound, but the road was torn up and I couldn't get through, so I had to cross country it around Sandberg's.  Got home and took the dog around the neighborhood.  (Stratus black 140.35)

Stratus Black Miles: 13.60
Total Distance

AM - 2.7 School.  Another chilly run to school. (Cumulus white 445.25)

afternoon - 7 Z Loop.  Into Green Springs and around by Z's house and a grass loop to top it off with the boys.  Really tired at the beginning, but started to slowly snap out of it.  (Cumulus white 452.25)

Cumulus White Miles: 9.70
Total Distance

AM - 2.7 School.  Got up and ran to school again.  (Landreth 547.35)

afternoon - 10.75 Middleton Trails.  Went up into Middleton w/ the boys and hit a few trails across the top over to Green Springs and brought it back to school; ran home; took the dog around the block (measured it for the first time, actually .85 - always thought .75 - and the dog kept me well below 7:00 for the loop!).  (Landreth  558.1)

Landreth Miles: 13.45
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Total Distance

AM - 2.7 School.  I've decided most of the reason I hadn't been getting up before this week - since I have to right now - was simply lack of drive and laziness.  Can I overcome that and run a few each morning when I get the Jeep back - if I ever get it back?  (Stratus bee 417.25)

afternoon - 10.85 10x400hills.  Warmed up with the boys and dragged them over to some hills by the middle school that I will dub "Old Man" hills (because they were in a 55 and over community.  It was a nice little incline for 200 then a very gradual for the last 200.  It was a good hill for this type of workout.  I kind of tricked the boys and didn't tell them how many we were doing tell half way, but they did awesome.  Then ran it back to PVHS and to the shop to pick up the Jeep.  $700 later it is done.  Not too bad though in the grand scheme since I haven't had to make a payment on it in 7+ years.  (Stratus bee 428.1)

Stratus Bee Miles: 13.55
Total Distance

morning - 13.15 Painter's with the club - James, Austin, Nate and I running, Clyde and Logan biking.  Did a nice easy run on the 1/2 course.  Temps weren't too bad.  Glad we did it to remind me of how long the Bloomington loop section of the course is.  (Cumulus gold 143.45)

Week wasn't too bad.  Missed my 2000's because of the ear infection (which is still just hanging around), but miles were right where I wanted them and I even got up most of the week to run - since I wasn't getting to work any other way.

Goals for next week:  I am not really sure what to expect for the 1/2.  I am in pretty decent shape (maybe even better than I think), but after coming off last summer, anything else seems less than ideal for racing.  But I am going to push and make it a good start to the racing season.

Cumulus Gold Miles: 13.15
Total Distance

afternoon - 9.1 GS/PL/Middleton reverse with the boys.  A pretty solid run.  I was impressed how well these 4 our doing (Danny, Austin, Corey, Decker) with the little higher mileage.  We picked it up to 6:00 on the few miles coming down out of Green Springs.  (Landreth black 333.65)

Landreth Black Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

afternoon - 8 River Trail/DI w/ the boys.  A little tired in the legs today.  But worked out of it decently by the end.  Finished off with 5xbarefoot striders.  (Stratus bee 435.35)  

Stratus Bee Miles: 7.25
Total Distance

afternoon - 9.25 River Trail w/ the boys; then 3 big loops.  Got back home and took the dog for 1 mile.  Legs seem a little dead and I'm a little unenthusiastic.  (Cumulus white 461.50)

Cumulus White Miles: 9.25
Total Distance

evening - 8.1 Club run on the Parkway.  At the top of the Parkway we went on the north road up to Green Springs and then back to the store - dodging cars and trying to cut it as close as possible to death (Steve really didn't like that part for some reason).  Nice little run with a fun group out.  (Stratus bee 443.45)

Stratus Bee Miles: 8.10
Total Distance

afternoon - 7 Washington Elem. w/ the boys and then DI for a few extra.  We'll see how the race goes tomorrow.  (Cumulus white 468.50)

Cumulus White Miles: 7.00
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Race: Painter's 1/2 Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:13:46, Place overall: 4, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

Race was okay.  It really showed me what type of shape (or lack thereof) I am in.  A group of us just started off pretty easy and were going along decent.  And as Paul and JeffMc went at around mile 7 I just couldn't really get the legs going any more.  Same thing happened as Hayden pulled away just a mile later.  So I just kind of cruised it in knowing I wasn't in shape to catch Hayden and Sasha wasn't go to catch me, so why kill myself.  (Landreth 563.10)  (Ohana -13.5

Warmed up with a few guys, but Hayden and I pushed it a little further (4.5 total) and cut the start close, but no biggy.  [Splits are by Garmin which measure 13.27 (so they are off a bit)]

1-5:40, pretty chill start to race.  Group of 7 or so.

2-5:32, still no one pushing and I am fine with it.

3-5:11, make the turn onto River Road and then onto the trail and we begin to pick things up.  Group narrows to pretty much the top 5.

4-5:14, I am actually feeling very good and excited about it as we keep it moving.

5-5:28, we slow up the hill into Bloomington Hills, but still feeling good.  No one pulled away from me on the hill and I thought I might win.

6-5:10, moving strong back along the top of BH.

7-5:25, a little icey on the top section of trail and then Hayden went down on the bridge and I hurdled over him, slowing up to make sure he was okay.

8-5:43, wasn't it just like 1 mile ago I thought I was running strong enough to win?  Not any more.  Jeff and Paul kept going strong and Hayden regained me and just pulled away steadily.

9-5:45, I guess this is where my lack of any type of tempo work shows.  I could hold this 5:45 stuff all day.  I wasn't hurting.  Just couldn't go any faster.

10-5:37, The Bloomington loop is always a tough part in this race for me.  Today it is no different as I have no drive.

11-5:44, I pretty much resign myself to 4 (as stated above) and figure I'll just keep moving it along like this until the end.

12-5:44, more of the same up the trail.

13-5:53, Gave a few checks back to make sure Sasha wasn't coming and just chilled.

.1(.27 on Garmin)-6:05 pace, the little end section was stupid.  As I turned around I saw Sasha had gained a little on me the last few miles, but I was secure so I jogged it on in.  A little different finish than last year when I collapsed.  It is easier to finish this way!

No big deal today.  Even though I didn't run great, I hadn't the base or especially the tempo training to hit a great 1/2.  So I'll just start to get things rolling a little better now and improve.

Landreth Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

morning - 11 Junction.  Felt pretty decent on this run out to the Junction.  Got home and took the dog around the neighborhood.  (Stratus black 150.35)

evening - 5 Treadmill.  Jumped on the treadmill for a little while.  Treated me just fine.  (Cumulus blue 500.65)

Cumulus Blue Miles: 5.00Stratus Black Miles: 11.00
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Total Distance

AM - 6 Washington Loop.  Got up and got a few in.  Then took the dog around the block.  (Landreth 569.10)

afternoon - 9.2 Parkway.  This afternoon I finally felt fatigued and worn from the 1/2.  Passed on running miles with Austing and Kimzey and just went on the Parkway.  Decided to run barefoot at the park for a little, but tumbleweeds had left stickers everywhere, so that didn't last long.  Dragged myself the rest of the way around.  (Landreth black 342.65)

Landreth Miles: 6.00Landreth Black Miles: 9.00
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Total Distance

AM - 6 Washington Loop.  Another solid morning run.  Finished with running the dog again.  (Stratus bee 449.45)

afternoon - 9 Ran Foremaster w/ the boys and then did 6 striders.  After, I went and did wieghts, just two sets since I haven't lifted for so long.  Then finished with DI loop.  Legs felt a little better after wieghts and on the DI loop than the last couple days.  Had to run in an old pair of Cumulus 9's (red) because I had a shoe mistake.  They actually felt okay and may have a little more in them, so I won't be too afraid to use them if I have to again.  (Cumulus red -8

Stratus Bee Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

evening - 9 Club run.  Started with a mile w/ the dog.  Py came on the last little with us.  She had a lot of fun outsprinting me.  Then went over to run w/ the club.  We went up Middleton/PL/GS.  A light little drizzle and good company made it nice.  (Cumulus white 477.50)

Didn't run this morning because I don't want the miles to go up too high too fast.

Cumulus White Miles: 9.00
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Total Distance

AM - 6 Washington Loop.  Nice drizzly morning.  Abs hurt just a little, so I need to be careful as I keep taking mileage up (they had been feeling great the past couple weeks).  Then took the dog out again.  She is getting a little better at pacing herself!  (Cumulus blue 506.65)

afternoon - 9.5 10xold man hills.  The hills took on the real meaning today as Austin laid it out that he is the master, not the old man.  Just not a lot in the legs today.  Chilly drizzly day and I just never really warmed up.  Hit a quick round of weights when we finished.  (Cumulus gold  152.95)

Cumulus Blue Miles: 6.00Cumulus Gold Miles: 9.50
Total Distance

morning - 18 Club run.  Ran over to the store (2.25), then met up with everyone - good to have Greg down to hit the run with us.  We went out on the fields loop for 12 and then I ran home.  Of course the dog wanted to go when I got home, so I took her around the block.  Kind of fun in the rainy fog.  A little tired by the end, but to be expected with the increase mileage, weights, and hills.  (Landreth 587.1)

Enjoyable week.  It felt good to be doing morning runs again.  Waking up wasn't a big deal and I felt a lot better.  Glad I got into the weight room as well, even though I am not a big fan of it.

Goals for next week:  Mileage should be mid 90's; so pretty much the same as this week, w/ a run every mornign to catch the extra 6.  Keep the abs/hips feeling okay.

Landreth Miles: 18.00
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Total Distance

AM - 6 Washington Loop.  A little hard to get up this morning, and another drizzly day.  But made it through - slight pain in right achilles.  Then ran the dog around the block.  (Cumulus blue 512.65)

afternoon - 9 River Run.  Went with the team and got the started on Sunrise hills and I continued around onto the River Run.  Got back and lifted weights then went out and did 8xbarefoot striders in the chilly weather.  (Landreth black 350.65)

Landreth Black Miles: 8.00Cumulus Blue Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

afternoon - 14.6 Green Springs and Hospital in reverse.  Went with the team up to Green Springs as they did 6.  Then I continued it on to Hospital with 2 sets of 2 miles at Tinman pace with a mile between.  The first mile was very easy with the downhill (so time was well below Tinman), second was a good fair mile with another solid time (had to keep it chill and not go to crazy).  Then recovered(?) up over Foremaster and started the second set up the long hill past Target and the Outlets.  First one was right on 6:00; second slipped a little, but not for lack of effort.  I really worked hard on it, so I felt good.  Then cooled down and went over by Old Man Hills to find an 800 hill nearby for our workouts, and brought it back to school.  Got home and took the dog around the neighborhood; she was anxious since we didn't run this morning.  (Stratus black 164.95)

Stratus Black Miles: 14.60
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Total Distance

AM - 6 Washington Loop.  Still a little chilly out in the mornings.  Slept good, too good.  I didn't want to get up.  But did and had a nice little run.  Then took the dog around as usual.  (Landreth 593.10 - these shoes are holding up very well.  I would imagine they will become the first shoe that goes 601+ miles)

afternoon - 11 River Trail.  Went down the trail 5 and back and had a decent run.  My legs are a little sore and tired (mostly from adding the weights, but hopefully the strength in my hips and legs will be worth it).  Got back and lifted  and then did my 8xbarefooters.  (Cumulus white 487.50)

Landreth Miles: 6.00Cumulus White Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

AM - 6 Washington Loop.  Good to get a little stretch out this morning.  Got home and took the dog around as usual.  (Stratus bee 455.45)

evening - 8.15 Club Run.  Went out on the Parkway with a pretty big group.  Legs still a little stiff, but improving.  (Landreth black 358.8)

Landreth Black Miles: 8.15Stratus Bee Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

AM - 6 Washington Loop.  Hit the standard again.  Almost everyday I think about going some other direction, but it is a little easier to just hit the same and it doesn't matter when it is dark anyway.  Then took the dot around.  (Landreth 599.10)

afternoon - 12 6x1000's.  Started off with 3.5 barefoot to get warmed as I waited for the team.  Then we did a DI warm up and got into the 1000's.  The goal pace for Corey and Austin was 3:21; mine was a few seconds quicker; with 200 jog recovery.  Hit them all decent, between 3:15 and 3:18.  The boys (and girls) hit their's solid as well.  Ended with DI loop cool down.  A solid workout.  (Landreth black 367.3

Landreth Miles: 6.00Landreth Black Miles: 8.50
Total Distance

AM - 19.5 Quail Creek.  Had to get up at the early hour to get the run in before Ry's swim meet (she swam very well) making it very dark and lonesome out on the road.  I didn't wear a watch, but I felt pretty solid throughout and the ave. was probably a solid long run.  Took the lake loop backward, which makes for 2 hard climbs right near the end.  Got home and took the dog around to end it all.  (Cumulus gold 172.45)

Had another solid week.  Mileage is progressing very well.  Legs were a little flat throughout the week, but I attribute that to lifting more than anything else; nonetheless, I will keep doing it to strengthen up some of my weaknesses.

Goals for next week: Keep the mileage right in the same area (right around 100).  Enjoy the morning temps, because they won't be here for much longer (it will be the middle of summer before we know it).

Cumulus Gold Miles: 19.50
Total Distance
Cumulus Gold Miles: 54.25Landreth Black Miles: 59.00Stratus Bee Miles: 46.00Stratus Black Miles: 57.70Cumulus White Miles: 44.95Landreth Miles: 54.45Cumulus Blue Miles: 17.00
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