St. George Marathon

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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George'14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

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Love running now.

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Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 38.50 Month: 64.00 Year: 2559.00
Adios Lifetime Miles: 512.25
Rocket 2 Lifetime Miles: 109.00
Kinvara Grey Lifetime Miles: 222.00
Vazee Pace Lifetime Miles: 437.75
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Speedgoat Lifetime Miles: 298.75
Peg Purple Lifetime Miles: 355.75
Ravenna Lifetime Miles: 392.25
Barefoot '18 Lifetime Miles: 6.75
Levitate Lifetime Miles: 160.25
Peg NOP Lifetime Miles: 167.00
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hit the treadmill at 6:40. Feels pretty relaxed and I have some confidence in my running right now.

I am feeling shaky about my mental toughness though. What was my strength in high school has become a major weakness for me. I haven't ran a good marathon 2nd half of any of the 3 I have ran, and I don't feel as mentally strong as I know I need to be to push through the pain of a strong 13-26.

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out and back on Washington Parkway.

Felt really good and pretty fast

Average was 6:24 miles w/o even pushing.

I feel like I need to slow down a little to have fresh legs, but it is flowing pretty good.

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on treadmill at 6:40.

I was worried about running early in the morning because that's when my Plantar Fascitis hurts a bit. It had been feeling better for a few weeks, but it seems to be acting up again. It felt okay though.

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Ran with St. George Running Club - had a great time and hope I can keep running with them often.

We went from the finish of the St. George Marathon up the new finish route 2.75 miles and then back down.

Took it up in around 7:10 miles but I thought we were going a little faster, probably because I was talking the whole time (note to self * I will not be carrying on any conversations during the race *). On the way back we ran Diagonal and 300 East at Tempo + pace for a mile and hit it at 5:20. Then we eased in at 6:40 for the last mile.

Calmed my nerves for awhile (or so I thought). Went to bed very easy last night at the usual 9:45 ish, but then woke up at 1:00 and tossed and turned as I let thoughts enter my head. So I went out to the couch to watch tv. Eventually the background noise let my brain relax and I fell back asleep around 2:45.

Anyway -- I think I am ready for it, tomorrow! Will take and easy 3 or so today with some striders or something to just get it flowing.

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Three easy around Washington City to loosen up and get ready. My mind is racing. Can I really reach this goal of mine? But I am ready.

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Race: St. George Marathon (26.2 Miles) 02:42:01, Place overall: 31, Place in age division: 11
Total Distance

Well the race was great! I was on such a high as I finished something that I had worked so hard for but really didn't know if I could do. Just 11 months ago, I had about 20% use of my right side after suffering a stroke. During my recovery I also suffered a set back that threw my back quite a ways. But here I am writing about a 14 minute PR!

Mile 1 - 6:17 had planned to run with Clyde Behunin and Logan Fielding for a split somewhere around 1:18, but they took off and I new I wanted to sit back a little.

2 - 6:18 wanted to go faster but kept it cool.

3 - 6:02 at this point I knew I need to move toward 6 minutes and I saw Logan's lime green shorts glowing in the dark so I worked up to him. He thought I was up ahead, so I think this was a relief to him.

4 - 5:52 moving well and loving the fact that it is still dark (it made the first 6 miles fly by)

5 - 6:01 and I am feeling like a machine. Splits are great and I am not even working for them.

6 - 5:46 everything still moving great and Logan seems to be getting into the flow well.

7 - 5:43 my body wanted to fly down into Veyo but my mind (and Logan) said keep it cool for the hill. We discussed out tactic for Veyo and decided to just go smooth and save some for the rest.

8 - 6:32 my dad popped out of nowhere in Veyo and it was fun to see him. Logan and I move up the hill smooth. We pass many runners and catch Devra.

9 - 6:20 I'm thinking, "Man this couldn't be better," as we recover from Veyo and move through Dameron.

10 - 6:12 Devra is still going with Logan and I. Ocassionally see some friends and some of my runners at aide stations.

11 - 6:22 The last of the Dameron hills. Devra said she didn't remember these last year.

12 - 6:03 ready to get moving again. Logan and I had seen Clyde for about 4 miles now and we were right up on him. We thought he might need a little help. Devra dropped back a little.

13 - 5:48 caught Clyde and he came right with us. He was excitecd to have us back. hit the half 1:20.07

14 - 5:53 going smooth again.

15 - 5:34 feeling great moving down toward Snow Canyon. Thought my dad would be here, but he wasn't. Instead I imagined all the cheers for Logan were for me!

16 - 5:33 still feeling great. Clyde is moving us along and I think that he has a great shot at getting Jose.

17 - 5:47 Anticipating my ward's aide station at 19.

18 - 5:46 felt something hitting my leg. It was my left lace. In all my racing I had never had a shoe come untied and now here in a marathon when I am running great... ahhh. I quickly tie it and realize that if I stop again I am in trouble the cramping has started.

19 - 6:09 had to really work to catch Logan after the shoe and this might have cost me, but I knew if I let him go I was in trouble. Didn't get the cheers I had hoped from friends. I caught them off guard.

20 - 6:04 this is where I really fell apart in '04 and I wasn't going to let it happen again. I had a chance for a great time so I tried to keep pushing. Devra came by Logan and I and said, "Let's go guys." Logan and I looked at each other and said let's just keep it here.

21 - 5:49 I felt the pounding coming down the hill and tried to keep a positive mind set.

22 - 6:41 Really falling apart. Logan is really helping me.

23 - 6:33 I'm not going to let this all fall apart on me now.

24 - 6:52 Logan is sitting back with me now. Without him I don't have a chance.

25 - 6:42 I'm telling Logan to go. But he wants to cross together.

26 - 7:15 I feel like I am all over the road. Really dizzy and just focusing on all the turns. But I loved the new finish. Logan pulls away during this mile and about 4 guys catch me (costing me an age division place - 11th)

26.2 - 1:45 The finish really got me excited but I just didn't have anything left.

2:42.01 Officially ! I couldn't believe it. Clyde was there and he had done awesome, Logan finished strong (without him I was toast - thanks Logan) Dustin came in soon after.

The race was a lot of fun and really boosted my cofidence. I am now ready to go with Clyde and work toward low 2:30's!

Total Distance

went up into Buena Vista and around Green Springs and looped home.

My legs were sore but not really tired until right at the end. Although I didn't care about the time at all, I ran at 7:31 pace ave.

Now (Tuesday morning) my legs don't have any soreness and my Plantar F isn't really bothering me.

Total Distance

out and back into the Desert Reserve up the Grapevine Springs Trail.

Kind of a hard run when you are in recovery mode because it is all uphill out. But a beautiful run and I just took it easy and thought about running and x-country region on Wednesday and just enjoyed it.

7:59 pace/ave.

Total Distance

this week running has been very theraputic for me.

Went out to Green Springs and left my watch home so I didn't even think about speed. I just let my mind wander after an emotional region cross-country meet. Girls did well taking third (just off second, our team goal) but made state and had the individual champ. But then the boys tied for fourth, but lost the chance for state based on the 6th runner (a tough result anyways, but when you are only 2 points off 3rd and 11 off 2nd it is tough to swallow)

Anyway - the run let me think things out.

Another reason I love running!

Total Distance

am - 4 miler with boys team PVHS dogpound run. felt good, but no juice so just stayed with the middle of the pack.

afternoon - 4 miler with girls team. dogpound run again. Ran with region champ girl and talked about her race. Felt a little more loose.

pm - 4 with St.G.running club ran out by Dixie college. good run. Talked about the marathon with Steve and Bill and how we each felt and what we can do from here.

Total Distance

Out into Coral Canyon. Just enjoyed it.

My mind is ready to start training hard again, but not my body.

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Meant to go with club this morning. But it wasn't until I sat at the park for 15 minutes that I remembered they met somewhere else on Saturday's. So I just ran by myself. Felt good. And I finished just before the huge rains started.

Total Distance

3 with team up to Green Springs from PVHS. Felt a little better and pushed it on the way back a little.

8.5 only 1/2 an hour after running with team went home and ran out and back up Millcreek Trail into the desert. A great run, especially with the SAND compacted a bit from recent rains (best time to run in the desert is after the rain). Felt pretty good. Ave/mile at 7:14. But I am really excited for my new shoes. There should be here soon and boy do my feet and legs need them.

Total Distance

2.25 with team in SLC around the South Towne Mall

5.25 at hotel on treadmill. Went 7:01 pace for the first 2 then took a mile down to 6:30 and then the last 2.25 back up to 7:01. Although the treadmill wasn't very good (no softness to it) I did decide to use the heartrate monitor every few minutes (and I think I'll do the same each time I run on mine). Heartrate started around 130 for the first mile then up to 138 for the second. During the harder mile it climbed to 148. Then it dropped back to 141,142 for the rest of the run.

Now I just need to figure out what that all means.

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Total Distance

Ran on treadmill at the hotel again. Since we had awhile until we needed to be at Sugarhouse for state, I went for longer. My legs hurt a little from yesterday's run, so I backed it down to 7:30 the whole way. My heartrate was consistently at 141-143 every ten minutes.

Total Distance

Clyde thought we were mountain goats and took us on a great trail up onto the red hill above town. Ran back through the golf course and down the last bit of the marathon. It was good to run with him because he helps me run as more of a mid foot striker than a heel striker (which is something I have been trying to work on). We picked it up a bit coming down and were hitting under 6:30 for a couple miles and then under 6 for the last. Then I went for 2 more miles and kept the times at or under 6:30.

New shoes (Asics Landreth II) felt great.

Total Distance

Went into the desert up the MillCreek Trail and then out onto the Powerline Trail and then down into Green Springs. Run was further than I had planned, but I took it easy to be ready for a good run tomorrow with the club.



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Ran with club from Chukawalla into desert. The run connected into the Powerline Trail (that I ran on yesterday and had sworn not to run on again because of the abusive lava rocks). But Clyde wanted to take us on this run, and overall it was very nice. Got tired around 12, which was what I was planning on running. But kept a nice even pace with Dustin at around 7:00 'ish and took it on in.

ps Good to have Toby Salazar come run with us. He seems like a great guy and runner. If anybody else is ever down for the weekend (or more) come and run with the St. George Running Club it is a great group.



Total Distance

afternoon 6.25

Foremaster loop from PVHS. Made it a Tempo run after a two mile warm up. Ran mile 3 in 6:00, mile 4 in 5:48, and mile 5 in 5:59. Then cooled it down on mile 6 back up to the school at 7:12. Felt good. Didn't have to push too hard to get the times, but working it enough.

evening 4

Warm Springs out and back. Trying to get all runs at or under 7 minute miles. So I eased into it and then just ran with a little effort, but not enough that it killed me, and the average was at 6:48.



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Total Distance

morning 6

a little worried about running in the morning again, that's when the PF hurts the worst. But it felt okay. I do have a bit of a pain just below the outside bone of my right ankle. It almost feels bruised, but kind of a stabbing pain (if anyone has a clue what this might be let me know). Ran the dogpound run from home. Went okay on the downhill sections, but a little tired on the uphill, so I just went with it. 7:12 ave.

afternoon 6

3x1600 repeats with 1 1/2 mile warm-up and 1/2 mile (5:00 ish minute) jog between each and cool-down

1 - 5:24 felt very good at first then at 800 left hamstring really tightened up.

2 - 5:19 was worried about hammy but it had loosened up on the jog. Held the pace better on lap 3 than before.

3 - 5:19 really had to strain to move it the first two laps (I thought I might only get an 800 in). But when you get to that point you can coax yourself into finishing, and the legs kept moving although it might have been ugly.

I was pleased with the workout and hit the times I wanted.

After I did weights

my regular routine (2 x per week)

bench, squats, lat pulls, abs, leg extensions and curls, calves, butterflies

just 2 sets of 10 instead of 3 sets since it was my first day lifting in a month.

w - 153

RHR - 42

Total Distance

afternoon 5

Ran the mall-extended run from PVHS. It was a windy day and I knew that would mess with my workout. Warmed up a mile in 7:00 ish and then hit the next three at or just under 6:30. With the wind helping it was pretty easy. The fifth mile was uphill and into a hard wind, so I just ran it on in at about 7:15.

evening 4

Ran the WarmSprings run. Worried at first that I wouldn't hit the 6:30 ave. I am now training for on "easy runs". At first the 6:30 guy built a few hundred foot lead as I warmed up, but through mile 2 and 3 I caught him and put a few hundred feet lead on him and then just kept it to maintain a 6:30 pace. Finished averaging 6:24. Right in the neighborhood of where I want to be.

My ankle is still giving me a little trouble, and a new pain came up from my mile repeats - a little bit of tenderness on the muscle area of my right shin. I've had this before and it iced down pretty good each time. But yesterday it hanged on a little. So I will watch it for a little while.

W - 152

RHR - 38

Total Distance

Club run up a monster of a hill (Webb Hill). I really didn't want/or have the energy to push up the hill. But I enjoyed the rest of the run. Even with the bruising hill, the overall ave. of the run was 7:25 and most miles before and the 2 1/4 after were right at, or just below, 6:30 for me.

Tried a new tie for my shoelaces that is supposed to take pressure of the tendons of the ankle. The sore area didn't hurt at all. But it did wake me up a few times at night with shots of pain.

Shin felt great with only a little tendernous after the run. Iced it down as well as my PF which I always do morning, night and post run.



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Total Distance

Fartlek run on Washington Parkway extended down to telegraph street. Warmed up .75 with a 6:50 pace (thought I was going a little slower). Then during the next few miles fartleked .1, .2, .3, .2, .1 distances at VO2 Max speed. Felt good. part of 2nd and 3rd mile were slow up a long hill. Overall average was right at 6:30.

Then weights



Total Distance

Ran with club from Dixie Center on what I'll call the Bloomington loop. Felt good. Except for the cold (feel sorry for you up north guys). Clyde and I extended the run to the 12.5 mark and ran real well together. I like training with him because we can just chat but still really get a good workout in because he likes to go for it. Overall ave. was 6:50 (thrown off a bit by the first mile in 8:10). But that is right were I want those long runs to be.

A good week. I like my plan of keeping the mileage a little lower right now and working on a quicker goal pace. It scared me at first, but after hitting it for a week, I think it is going to work out well.

Decided against running the Valley of Fire. I want to keep training through the winter for a good 1/2 at Painter's and not have the running interupted for those few weeks of recovery.



Total Distance

Planned to go 2 4's today, but knowing tomorrow is Halloween and my priorities (running) will probably be bumped for the kids' priorities (candy) I decided to do 8 in one run and hit part of tomorrow's run tonight - the second part didn't work out so well.

afternoon 8

River run from PVHS - started off with some kids that decided they want to run in the off season (they turned back at 2 out). Even though I used the first mile as a warmup (6:50), it felt like I was really straining to get in a grove. Although I then brought my times down and hit under or at 6:30 the rest of the way - even on the uphill finish - it felt as if I was racing instead of running and I just felt exhausted. I would have been interested to see what my heart rate was and why I was struggling so much. Because of this, I decided to bag the evening run. I'll let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.



Total Distance

A very frustrating set of days indeed. Planned on doing 6x800's at around 2:40 with basically a 400 jog in between. Didn't make it. Legs felt even weaker and more worn out than yesterday. Warmed up 1 1/2 miles then stretched it a little and did a few striders to get the blood flowing. First 800 was a big struggle, but I came in at 2:32 (quicker than planned, but I thought I would be okay). Jog between was rough, I could barely lift my legs and I knew I was in for a long day. Second 800 turned out to be the last. Hit a 2:41, but every step was a struggle. Breathing was heavy and labored. Legs and no umph at all. Recovery jog confirmed that I needed to be done. I knew I needed to still do something, so I went out on a very easy 3 miler (2450 loop from PVHS) and called it quits.

Decided to go try and have some fun with a cute black cat, a beautiful little Cinderella, and a tiny witch!



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