St. George Marathon

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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George'14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

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Love running now.

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Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 38.25 Month: 127.75 Year: 1940.25
Adios Lifetime Miles: 512.25
Rocket 2 Lifetime Miles: 109.00
Kinvara Grey Lifetime Miles: 222.00
Vazee Pace Lifetime Miles: 437.75
Pace Blue Lifetime Miles: 219.00
Pegasus Blue Lifetime Miles: 631.75
Cumulus 17 Lifetime Miles: 411.75
Sense Pro 2 Lifetime Miles: 358.50
Peg Grey Lifetime Miles: 570.25
Peg Olympic Lifetime Miles: 535.25
Peg Black33 Lifetime Miles: 615.00
Boston Lifetime Miles: 458.75
Peg Green Lifetime Miles: 394.50
Speedgoat Lifetime Miles: 284.75
Peg Purple Lifetime Miles: 270.75
Ravenna Lifetime Miles: 309.75
Barefoot '18 Lifetime Miles: 6.75
Levitate Lifetime Miles: 63.75
Peg NOP Lifetime Miles: 40.75
Total Distance
Kinvara Green Miles: 12.50Lyte33 Miles: 15.00Mana Miles: 4.00Kinvara Blue Miles: 38.00Kinvara Lime Miles: 2.50Hyper Speed(used) Miles: 13.50Kinvara Silver Miles: 10.00Adios Miles: 7.50Oregon Miles: 8.50Connect Miles: 4.00Free Miles: 4.00F50 Miles: 4.00Kinvara White Miles: 8.25Kinvara3 Miles: 4.00
Total Distance

AM - 5 Sunrise.  Around school a bit and then with the team to Sunrise.  Nice morning.  Good to run with the kids.  They are great - it is fun to be around them and not having to worry about all the crap in life.  (Kinvara Green 222.25)

Kinvara Green Miles: 5.00
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AM - 5 Sunrise.  Just around school a little, like yesterday, before heading out with the team.  Temps were amazing - nice and cool.  It would be great if that held on 2 more days.  (Lyte33 156)

Lyte33 Miles: 5.00
Total Distance

AM - 4 Sunrise. Good run. Quick on the way back. Started second guessing the shoe choice for tomorrow... It's that time. (Mana 650)

Mana Miles: 4.00
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Race: St. George Marathon (26.2 Miles) 02:26:29, Place overall: 9, Place in age division: 2
Total Distance

St. George Marathon. 2:26:29

Super stoked about today's race. Sneaked in a new PR and back to the top 10 for the first time in years. I really didn't think it was in the cards at all. It was all because of teamwork and smart racing. The most fun marathon racing I have had (for 22.5 miles - and then a survive to the line!). Will write more later. Great job to so many people today - especially Ben, Steven Abraham, Metler, Clyde, Amber, Marci; and super proud of James and Allyson for their PR's!

Went into the race not really sure what was going to happen. My training was decent - I had a strong base, but my old body can't handle anything fast, so I hadn't done much in the way of longer repeats. Also I had been really up and down on our tempos - some solid, some less than desirable. But my biggest concern was my mind. I didn't really want to be running this year and my mind wasn't into running hard at all. Getting up to the start and seeing everyone kind of got me going a bit more and I hoped it would go well. Ran the bulls on parade for a few minutes to warm up and then tried to stay warm as we waited for a delayed start - that hadn't ever happened before in any SGM I had run, so kind of a pain. The biggest part was that I knew the wind would disappear as would the cooler, but not cold enough temps. 1-5:36, started off and immediately 2 groups formed at the front. The lead crew moved out fast (for a couple miles then actually sat back) and Ben VanBeekum, Mike Nielson, Trevor Baker, Logan and I were in a 2nd pack - Clyde went with the leaders). 2-5:48, we settled in more and sured up our pack. 3-5:30, I never felt any tailwind (nor did I notice any breeze moving trees or bushes) and it was starting to warm up. Clyde and Nick Schunte(sp?) had fallen off the pack. 4-5:22, Logan was a little worried about pace, and so was I. But I commented to him about how important the pack was going to be and stayed attached. 5-5:25, grabbed water and dumped it on me. I think we caught Nick in here and he attached to our group with Logan a few feet off. 6-5:11, dropping into Veyo. 7-5:13, grabbed a gu/water mix here and we all talked about taking it easy up Veyo and needing to stay together. We had banked a little time and didn't need to stress on any hills. 8-6:07, actually one of the slowest Veyo climbs I have ever done. The pack totally fell apart here and I took the lead. I new we were going super slow, but I wanted everyone together. 9-5:47, Ben closed back to me and sat for a second to regroup his legs. I was so happy he came back. I have been alone from here on out way too many times and ended up suffering because of it. 10-5:47, Ben and I just kind of worked through here at a solid but not stressful pace, switching leads if one needed a little break. 11-5:54, maybe a couple of those quick earlier miles had worn us down a little too much. But these hills just go on for awhile and drain you too. Had been drinking a little water at each aide station and dumping a bunch of water on myself. 12-5:41, finally cresting Dammeron, we decided to just kind of ease back into it and get the legs moving. I heard a little noise and glanced back; Mike, Logan, Nick and I think Trevor had worked back up to us and were only about 20 meters behind. I yelled out for them to come and get us before we started really pushing again. 13-5:29, really expected Logan to come join/pass us at any time now. Went throughout the half right around 1:13:30 - a little quicker than last year. 14-5:27, back on Dammeron, we passed Pepe and were now closing pretty close to Clyde. The lead group had only been up on us about 2 minutes now was gone. I felt myself slip off Ben a couple times and my achilles was sending this horrendous pain into my ankle that made my foot give out a couple times. I tried to stay relaxed and just made sure I stayed with Ben. I knew if I did, I was good. If I didn't, I was toast. 15-5:15, kind of regroup here and took the lead down the volcanoes into Snow Canyon. Ben reminded me to be careful and we just ran strong. 16-5:07, this was way fun, but probably stupid. We single filed after the aide station and then ran by the crowd giving everyone high fives. The crowd loved it and went nuts! It gave us both a lot of energy and we were really moving without knowing it. I think Clyde kind of heard it and responded. He is one of the most mentally tough racers I have ever known. It looked as if he dug deep and held the same distance on us. 17-5:25, we tried to calm ourselves and just keep it in the 20's here. 18-5:23, one last quick one before Winchester... my nemesis. 19-5:46, it was perfect running with Ben because we both struggle on hills, so we actually worked to help each other rather than ditch each other on the hills. I think we both knew we were in this thing together. In fact, from like 14 or so until we finally split, we were fist bumping every mile. "Another one down!" And jus trying to focus on that one mile at a time. 20-5:32, my ward's aide station comes mid-way through this mile and I got another gu/water (also at 15). Saw my daughter and yelled at the kids to cheer for us. I think this may be where we got Clyde. Encouraged him to come with us and tried to get ready for that last 10k. Did some quick math and kind of figured that a 35 or 36 (I can't remember which) would get me a 2:27. So I needed to go a little quicker to get a PR, but should be able to do it. I was pretty tired though. I tried to fight off the negativity with a lot of positive talk throughout the race. I hope I didn't bother Ben, but I really was hanging on for dear life and needed to hear anything positive I could, even if it was from myself. 21-5:16, went back in front of Ben here for just a bit and tried to remember the one good workout I had this summer and ride to channel it a bit. 22-5:34, better up the twist than I have been. But I kept slipping off Ben and had to fight to get him. My team was here and I grabbed water from everyone of them and totally doused myself. 23-5:38, this mile should be faster, but my legs are gone. Ben sneaks up a fe steps and I try one last time to go with him. I yell out my mantra of the day of "one more mile", but to no avail. Please stick in there and get the PR, please! I needed a 18:00 minute 5k. That should be so easy. I knew it was going to be very tough. But missing by 1 second last year was such a bummer - I am determined not to let it happen again. Did a quick reset of my watch here also, it was hitting a second or two early each mile and was now 25 seconds fast. 24-5:38, decent dropping into town. Wish it would have been 5:18 or even :28. Mike came back here. I tried for a second to go with him. But not even one step. 25-5:52, last year I went 5;59 here. That was in my mind. I knew I could beat that and if I did I would PR. More than a couple times I found myself really slowing, so I tried to push. But those pushes would only last about 20 steps or so. Battle. I gave a quick glance turning off diagonal to see where Logan was. He wasn't there, no one was. Dang it. Don't relax because of that, push it. I really wanted top 10 again. I really wanted that PR. 26-5:58, one of my worst last miles ever. My legs were so gone. Numerous times my knees and that ankle were giving out. I didn't dare look at the watch, but when I got close enough to the finish to see the time, I knew I had it and was just so happy. Tried to get the crowd cheering and could tell I just had some sort of hideous smile of joy and death-pain on my face. .2-(5:52 pace), my goal now was to not fall at the finish. I came in and said told some oneti grab me because the legs were gone. They were kind of slow and I did a controlled crouch to my knees and they helped me up. Great watchiing Clyde come in. But he got hauled to the medic. They tried to stop me from going in with him and I just pushed through and said that I was his best friend and was going with him. I heard Logan come in then and after we came out saw Steven, James, the Ladies and a bunch of other great finishes. (Kinvara blue 95.75)

Because of how frustrating and draining training has been, The Circle has been saying we are done after this one. It is too early to say for me. I would imagine I will still run the marathon, but maybe with a different focus. But truthfully running this with Ben was the most fun and gratifying experience I have ever had in a marathon. Maybe if I just refocus things during the year and cut down to one mary a year; maybe some more halves... Who knows - time will tell.

Kinvara Blue Miles: 28.00
Total Distance

Proof that my finish wasn't as dramatic as Fritz tried to claim!

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AM - 2.5 Mall.  Well I did it... two weeks off.  Actually not too big of a deal.  I have been so busy with school and XC stuff that I really only wanted to start to run this last weekend.  Felt pretty junky this morning.  The first mile was like the first mile I ever ran in my life and pretty much every pain I have had in the last few years was there throughout the run; so that was worth it.  (Lyte33 158.5)

afternoon - 2.5 PVMS.  Another short run - over with the team as they did Wave Hills.  Pretty slow and swaggy.  (Kinvara Lime 563.25)

Kinvara Lime Miles: 2.50Lyte33 Miles: 2.50
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AM - 2.5 Mall.  Just another easy 20 minutes.  I feel tighter than I may have f I had started running right back after the marathon.  I should have been doing more during my down time, but it was as much a mental break as a physical one.  With no plans for the future, I am in no rush.  Ended with yoga today which was pathetic and wonderful at the same time.  (Kinvara silver 471.5)

evening - 4.5 Sandy. Ran around the elementary up here in South Towne and then back to the hotel. Big mileage day... Am I jumping up too quick! (HyperSpeed 488)

Hyper Speed(used) Miles: 4.50Kinvara Silver Miles: 2.50
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morning - 6 Sandy. Travis and I went out for a bit before grabbing the team and running around the mall. Such a nice morning - cool, but beautiful. Still feeling very junky while running. (HyperSpeed 494)

Hyper Speed(used) Miles: 6.00
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afternoon - 7.5 Boardwalk. Ran up onto the new section of River Trail out of Sullivan Park. Couldn't actually go on the boardwalk since it was closed to be stained, but it is a cool section of trail. Nice to be running with the team again. (Adios 237.75)

Adios Miles: 7.50
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afternoon - 3.5 Sandburg's. Easy group run in the desert of Sandburg's. Fun to just be running around. Not much mileage, but it was a tough run. Then went played some decent ultimate with the team. Game was good until Nick caught a frisbee at full force right in the nose - hopefully it isn't broken; it was a bloody mess. (Lyte33 162)

Lyte33 Miles: 3.50
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morning - 10 Boardwalk Loop. From my house, down Hell's Hole, back up the river, across the bridge at Sunrise, down the Dam Rd, then back up the trail at Sullivan's, and home. Good loop. Will use this for some tempoing at some point in time. Beautiful morning and a decent run for how tough my running has been. Even hit a couple miles in the sixes for the first time in awhile. Ended the workout with a good Tabata session. First time doing one of these, and it was a good intense workout. (Kinvara blue 105.75)

Good first week back. Felt pretty junky on every run. I probably should have been doing some things during my down time - but I just really needed a mental break as much as a physical break, so the time totally away was beneficial. The next week or two things will get feeling better I am sure.

Goals for next week - probably doubles all week (since the team will be doing them) and start bringing on some base building slowly.

Kinvara Blue Miles: 10.00
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AM - 4 Sunrise. Back to the usual grind. Felt some soreness from the BeastAndFeast. (connect 790.5)

afternoon - 8.5 7x1000. Warmed up and cooled to Harts. I think the guys said this was the distance. Ran the first 5 with the girls. Love their determination. Helped me loosen up a bit. Then I jumped in for the final two with the guys. Did kind of an elimination thing; made it fun, kind of amped it up a bit. Then introduced the team to BeastAndFeast. (Oregon 831.5)

Oregon Miles: 8.50Connect Miles: 4.00
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AM - 4 Sunrise.  Back was a bit tight this morning, but loosened up kind of on the run.  Mid 40's this morning; nice and crisp and felt good.  (Free 952.95)

afternoon - 7.5 Powerline/water tank trail. Ran from Middleton up in the desert. Fun run. Temps were nice and the run was good. (Kinvara green 229.75)

Free Miles: 4.00Kinvara Green Miles: 7.50
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AM - 4 Sunrise. Same usual morning run. (F50 732.25)

afternoon - 8.25 River Trail. Nice group today. A lot of guys stuck with us and we just enjoyed a good run - until they (the whole team) tripped me while they were slapping Preston around after one of his usual comments. I landed very hard on my shoulder - I think it will hurt for a bit. Ended with some BeastAndFeast. (Kinvara White 337)

F50 Miles: 4.00Kinvara White Miles: 8.25
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AM - 4 Sunrise. Sure is nice out. My shoulder killed this morning; had to hold it kinda close to me and not move it for most of the run. (Kinvara 3 789.25)

afternoon - 7.5 Michigan. Jumped in the Michigan today to help a group that has been very close to the A Standard. My shoulder still hurt, but loosened up a bit through the day (it just really hurts when I move it a few different directions). The workout went well and the team ran solid. A few guys sucked it up and battled a bit - hopefully they start to realize every time they win a battle it will be easier next time. (Kinvara silver 479)

Kinvara3 Miles: 4.00Kinvara Silver Miles: 7.50
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AM - 4 Sunrise. Just kinda usual. Shoulder improving, but still some very painful movements. (Lyte33 166)

afternoon - 3 AC. Halloween run. Many good costumes. Many disturbing costumes. Run back after eating ice cream is always something. (HyperSpeed 497)

Hyper Speed(used) Miles: 3.00Lyte33 Miles: 4.00
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Kinvara Green Miles: 12.50Lyte33 Miles: 15.00Mana Miles: 4.00Kinvara Blue Miles: 38.00Kinvara Lime Miles: 2.50Hyper Speed(used) Miles: 13.50Kinvara Silver Miles: 10.00Adios Miles: 7.50Oregon Miles: 8.50Connect Miles: 4.00Free Miles: 4.00F50 Miles: 4.00Kinvara White Miles: 8.25Kinvara3 Miles: 4.00
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