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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George'14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

Short-Term Running Goals:

Love running now.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 165.00 Year: 2174.00
Adios Lifetime Miles: 512.25
Rocket 2 Lifetime Miles: 109.00
Kinvara Grey Lifetime Miles: 222.00
Vazee Pace Lifetime Miles: 437.75
Pace Blue Lifetime Miles: 219.00
Pegasus Blue Lifetime Miles: 631.75
Cumulus 17 Lifetime Miles: 411.75
Sense Pro 2 Lifetime Miles: 358.50
Peg Grey Lifetime Miles: 580.25
Peg Olympic Lifetime Miles: 535.25
Peg Black33 Lifetime Miles: 615.00
Boston Lifetime Miles: 466.00
Peg Green Lifetime Miles: 416.25
Speedgoat Lifetime Miles: 298.75
Peg Purple Lifetime Miles: 290.00
Ravenna Lifetime Miles: 342.50
Barefoot '18 Lifetime Miles: 6.75
Levitate Lifetime Miles: 99.75
Peg NOP Lifetime Miles: 92.50
Total Distance
Peg Olympic Miles: 10.75Peg Green Miles: 6.75Peg Grey Miles: 4.00Boston Miles: 13.75Peg Black33 Miles: 6.25Cumulus 17 Miles: 5.00Vazee Pace Miles: 6.50Pegasus Blue Miles: 9.25Speedgoat Miles: 22.25
Total Distance

AM - 4 Twix.  Abs and a good quick pace with the dog.  She has really been bummed about Molly.  It is pretty sad to see.  (Peg Oly 475.5)

afternoon - 6.75 Washington.  It was raining pretty hard, so we switched up today's long run with tomorrow's shorter run.  (Kind of interesting though, that our shorter run was still longer than the longest runs I did in high school; that says a lot to our kids and the work they are willing to put in.)  Most of the team made it through the run fairly dry, but we hit the last 10 minutes in a pretty strong rain.  It made us happy that we were finishing and not just half way through.  (Peg green 291.25)

Peg Olympic Miles: 4.00Peg Green Miles: 6.75
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Total Distance

AM - 4 Twix.  The dog and I ran around the Parkway loop this morning.  Then weights and abs.  Wore my watch to check cadence.  Was at 168, so not bad.  Afternoons, however, are just always slower.  (Peg grey 557.25)

afternoon - 13.75 Parkway.  Good run with some tempo sessions.  A few kids are really pushing themselves.  Today was Cooper's turn to get a real good run in.  (Boston 338.25)

Peg Grey Miles: 4.00Boston Miles: 13.75
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Total Distance

AM - 6.75 Twix/AC.  Abs and then run with the dog and then the team.  (Peg oly 482.25)

afternoon - 6.25 Elephant Arch.  Trails are nice with all the rain, so we went up in the desert to the arch.  The sand was very runnable.  (Peg black33 524)

Peg Olympic Miles: 6.75Peg Black33 Miles: 6.25
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Total Distance

AM - Walk with Twix and then weights and abs.  I am glad Twix makes me get up and going.

afternoon - 5 PV. Just around a bit warming and cooling with the team around their workout. I’m not feeling top-notch in the achilles and energy departments. (Cumulus 400.75)

Cumulus 17 Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

AM - 6.5 Twix/AC. Abs and run with Twix. Then ran with the girls this morning. They are goofy. (Pace 429)

afternoon - 9.25 Roller Coaster. Ran out toward Shinobe Kibe and decided to do roller coaster. We hit them hard and my lungs were burning. (Peg blue 613.75)

Vazee Pace Miles: 6.50Pegasus Blue Miles: 9.25
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Total Distance

morning - 22.25 ND Trails. Was all over the place this morning. Started off with a few laps of the Dirt Mile with Twix. Dropped her off and grabbed a handheld and gu and went back out. Went up Millcreek and hit Ice House. Decided to time it up and down (used to do some reps on it; would have to hunt down how quick those were, but today was 6:53 up/4:48 down). Such a burner. Then connected that to Mustang. Took my gu after hitting the pump house. Then went up Sand Hill. Hoped it would be in awesome condition after the rain, but the horses had torn it to pieces (I can’t totally remember, but I think 12:10 up/19:10 total). Thought about coming home down Grapevine here; I was really tired and hadn’t ever felt good the whole run. But decided to go up to Bracken’s and hit that loop. As always, it was breathtaking, but I was following the horses here, too. Dropped down to the gully to go through the tunnel then home. Got me excited to make a full Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Traverse FKT attempt. I think I’ll try it over spring break. (Speedgoat 114)

This run made me both feel better for the 55K in a couple weeks, and more worried. I was pretty wiped out and still need to add 10+ miles. 

Goals for next week: see if I can make a little progress on my right achilles. 

Speedgoat Miles: 22.25
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Total Distance
Peg Olympic Miles: 10.75Peg Green Miles: 6.75Peg Grey Miles: 4.00Boston Miles: 13.75Peg Black33 Miles: 6.25Cumulus 17 Miles: 5.00Vazee Pace Miles: 6.50Pegasus Blue Miles: 9.25Speedgoat Miles: 22.25
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