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Jan 02, 2006



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Running Accomplishments:

PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George '14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

Short-Term Running Goals:

Love running now.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 33.25 Month: 143.00 Year: 1062.75
Adios Lifetime Miles: 512.25
Rocket 2 Lifetime Miles: 109.00
Kinvara Grey Lifetime Miles: 222.00
Vazee Pace Lifetime Miles: 437.75
Pace Blue Lifetime Miles: 231.75
Boston Lifetime Miles: 506.50
Peg Green Lifetime Miles: 499.00
Speedgoat Lifetime Miles: 325.00
Peg Purple Lifetime Miles: 463.50
Ravenna Lifetime Miles: 501.50
Barefoot '18 Lifetime Miles: 6.75
Levitate Lifetime Miles: 370.25
Peg NOP Lifetime Miles: 337.00
Peg Blue34 Lifetime Miles: 318.75
Solar Glide Lifetime Miles: 116.75
Total Distance
NB 101 Miles: 20.00Kinvara Miles: 7.50Connect Miles: 9.00Stratus Grey Miles: 9.00Hyper Speed 2 Miles: 7.50Landreth Blue Miles: 9.00Rocket Miles: 8.00Free Miles: 11.00Ohana Racers Miles: 12.00
Total Distance

morning - 20 Dino/Icehouse/Mustang/Grapevine.  Kind of a tour of great trails near my house.  Slept in... which was great.  And then tied in with Steven as I got started and pulled him up into the desert.  Hit the Dino Tracks and then took it over to the Millcreek side and ran up Icehouse and tried to work on a quick descent.  then connected that up around Mustang and came back home to drop off Steve and then out to Grapevine to finish off another 20 miler.  Felt a bit better than at the end of last week.  (NB 101 501.75)

NB 101 Miles: 20.00
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Total Distance

AM - 9 3/4's.  Normal morning run.  Felt okay.  Still hoping to finish off this cold someday.  I think it is actually allergies that are bugging me now - but the symptoms are so similar; they both stuff my nose and make me way tired and drained.  (Connect 75)

afternoon - 7.5 2xDI/home.  Pretty lame and crappy today.  Just ran the warm and cool with the team and then home.  I felt junk today.  Just tired and worn down of running.  (Kinvara 615.4)

Kinvara Miles: 7.50Connect Miles: 9.00
Total Distance

AM - 9 3/4's.  Still felt tired and worn down.  Really tired of a lot of things.  (Stratus grey 940.85)

afternoon - 7.5 2xDI/home.  Same as yesterday.  But I felt quite a bit better today.  Actually felt like running and felt decent doing it.  Glad it is a recovery week.  (Hyper Speed 2 124.75)

Stratus Grey Miles: 9.00Hyper Speed 2 Miles: 7.50
Total Distance

AM - 9 3/4's.  A little chillier out this morning with the storm last night.  Felt pretty good again.  Maybe by the end of the week I'll have some legs.  (Landreth blue 767.65)

afternoon - 8 Shoe/laps.  Typical pre-race shoe run, but I didn't jump in the pond.  I really wanted to, but I needed to get some more mileage in - so I ran laps around while the team jumped in.  Then I finished up with some 800 loops to hit my 8 - then went over to Ryan's to watch him open his mission call.  (Rocket 331.25)

Landreth Blue Miles: 9.00Rocket Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

AM - 11 Meet.  Same run I usually do on the day of a meet: Mall/AC/Lutheran - so I'll call it Meet Run from now on.  Felt great.  Isn't it funny how just a couple days ago I felt so junky and now today I feel absolutely great.  Glad for the recovery week - I think I needed it.  (Free 624.45)

Free Miles: 11.00
Total Distance

noon - 12 treadmill.  Slept in and put off Logan and the race with Clyde, so I needed to get something in.  However, I just didn't feel like going out in the rain and cold.  So... treadmill time.  Put on Without Limits and cranked the old girl up.  Warmed up a little and then ran a mile at 12% at 10:00.  Then took the pace down to 6:30 on the usual 1% for 2 miles.  Then up to 12% again at 9:30 and back to normal for 6:00 and then the grade again at 9:00 and finished up with a little cool.  It was a burner.  (Ohana racers 645)

Week was a good solid recovery week.

Goals for next week:  Get back on the wagon.

Ohana Racers Miles: 12.00
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Total Distance
NB 101 Miles: 20.00Kinvara Miles: 7.50Connect Miles: 9.00Stratus Grey Miles: 9.00Hyper Speed 2 Miles: 7.50Landreth Blue Miles: 9.00Rocket Miles: 8.00Free Miles: 11.00Ohana Racers Miles: 12.00
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