Provo River 1/2 Marathon

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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George '14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

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Love running now.

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Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 175.50 Year: 1095.25
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morning - 4 Lower Grapevine. It was beyond weird to go 4 miles for the first run of the week. Hip felt a little better with just minor twinges. (Precision, ran in these for the first time in a long time. I thought I might try a different shoe brand to mix things up a little, but they are so worn out, they felt just like my other worn out shoes.)

evening - 16 DC - Big Workout #15. 4 Warm up/8 Tinman/4 Cool. Got pretty wet as the clouds unleashed, but I was more worried about not getting struck by lightning. The frogs didn't worry, however, and were out in force. Hip took forever to warm up and kind of gave me grief throughout. I used the foam roller when I finished and really tried to work out the kinks. Splits will be on the same miles as 2 weeks ago, except we started 1 mile earlier today (so mile 2 this week was mile 1 last time - last time in parenthesis). 1-5:48; 2-5:54(6:04); 3-5:57(6:00); 4-6:00(5:56); 5-5:54(5:54); 6-6:01(5:59); 7-5:57(5:51); 8-5:58(5:55). So times were pretty much right in with last time. Last time I was tired from Bryce; this time I just wasn't quite on my game, but I still was right at the 6:00/pace where I needed to be. (Stratus Bee 169.2)

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AM - 12 Around Washington then Fields w/ James and just a couple more around to round out the 12. At the end of last night I (all of us) just wanted to be done; I felt the same way today as I stepped out the door. But... barely any hip pain - even as I started off. Worked it over again with the roller and Wintercrest. (Cumulus white 170.3)

afternoon - 5.2 PVHS around mall area and connect down onto River Trail.  The team took off w/o me for practice, so I ran real easy w/ Madison toward her house and then just around the area.  (Stratus 557.45)

-Workouts will vary for the rest of the week (starting today) from the Circle of Trust as I cut back a little for Saturday.

Pool Running - 10 min. I was working on the pool a little this afternoon and taking the dog for a swim, so I decided to run a little.  Pretty hard and tiring after not having done it for a couple weeks.  Hope I didn't mess up my hip more doing it.

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AM - 8 Lower Grapevine/Highland w/ James. Hip felt pretty good, but I was sore from the pool running and took it pretty easy. (Landreth 365.6)

afternoon - 5 DI extended to 3 and then part of that again.  Ran with some of the XC kids (those that show up).  Hip felt fine, but now it is really hurting again.  (Cumulus silver 556.85)

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AM - 10.1 Wendy's w/ James.  Hip felt great this morning, but is giving me a little grief now.  That has seemed to be the case the last couple days (hurting after the run).  (Cumulus blue351.4)

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AM - 8.35 Middleton w/ James.  I felt pretty good today - very sleepy, but ready to roll.  Hip is feeling good.  No pain before or on run and just a little now; so maybe that is turning a corner.  I'll keep working on it though.  (Stratus Bee 177.55)

Race: Provo River 1/2 Marathon (13.2 Miles) 01:09:56, Place overall: 2, Place in age division: 1
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AM - Got up early and headed down from Sandy with my in-laws to Provo to hit the craziness that is the Provo River 1/2.  The logistics and busing are just a mess, but it is a fun race with solid competition - so I'll probably keep coming back.

Got a 2.5 warm up in with Adam as we broke the law and went up into the private property, claimed ignorance, and then down the road a little.  I was ready to go!

Very happy about how this race went - I just seem to run really well up here.  Hit both my major goals (for time and position).  Course was a little different than last year - started up higher (faster), hit the highway for a couple miles (slower), ran around the shops more (slower), last year read 13 this year 13.2 (obviously slower):

1-4:55, Started off well with Sasha, sharing quarters briefly, Jeff pulled away very quickly and was already gone; 2-5:08, pretty much running by myself by the end of this mile; 3-5:08, feeling very good and happy about the start, just trying to stay within myself; 4-5:03, thinking about plans to catch up to Jeff and maybe run together, but he was too far up; 5-5:21, first mile of the uphill on the highway; 6-5:33, second uphill mile on the highway, falls were very pretty from here; 7- 5:07, Timed Jeff's lead as we got back on the trail, he was up 53 seconds, Sasha was pretty much the same distance behind me, Gu and water; 8-5:16, Really trying to focus on the less than 10K left and hit each mile solid, this is the first time I know my splits (as I writing) since I didn't let myself look at my watch at each beep instead realizing I just need to keep pushing; 9-5:22, Feeling a bit of fatigue setting in, decided to hit the aid station around here for a quick water splash; 10-5:27, Kept doing little inventories from about mile 5 on every mile or so and just checking my legs (felt good), breathing (flowing well, but getting quicker in here), and mental strength (kept saying out loud, "You are doing great, your amazing."  Dumb, but it actually helped.  I felt way stronger than on any 1/2 I've done before; 11-5:19, Started the mile thinking just 5K left keep it hammered, I knew a sub 1:10 was very doable, even a sub 1:09 if I could keep on the gas; 12-5:46, Started to fall off a little, having a hard time through all the turns and stuff here at the bottom (plus it was poorly marked in places and Jeff was long gone with the lead bikes and I had to guess at a couple points); 13-5:43, The last two miles were a struggle, legs were heavy and I tried to tell myself to just keep it going and not lose it after working so hard; 13.2-4:50(pace), came around the final turn and just dug it as hard as I could, Finished very strong, need to put a little of that on the last two miles and bring those times down. 

I am way pleased with this run!  I felt like I had stalled out and all the hard work I was putting in wasn't getting me anywhere more than last year, but this is brings it all back - things are paying off.  If the race had been on mileage I would have been down around 1:09:20'ish I think. (1:10:06 pr coming in on a little short course/1:10:18 on an accurate course).  (Ohana 105.25)

Great job to all the other bloggers (an amazing turnout and great runs)

3.25 Cool down with JeffMc and had a good talk getting to know him a little. (Stratus 560.7)

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