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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George '14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

Short-Term Running Goals:

Love running now.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 175.50 Year: 1095.25
Adios Lifetime Miles: 512.25
Rocket 2 Lifetime Miles: 109.00
Kinvara Grey Lifetime Miles: 222.00
Vazee Pace Lifetime Miles: 437.75
Pace Blue Lifetime Miles: 231.75
Boston Lifetime Miles: 506.50
Peg Green Lifetime Miles: 515.25
Speedgoat Lifetime Miles: 325.00
Peg Purple Lifetime Miles: 471.75
Ravenna Lifetime Miles: 501.50
Barefoot '18 Lifetime Miles: 6.75
Levitate Lifetime Miles: 370.25
Peg NOP Lifetime Miles: 337.00
Peg Blue34 Lifetime Miles: 318.75
Solar Glide Lifetime Miles: 116.75
Total Distance
Kinvara3 Miles: 20.75Ronin Miles: 16.25Barefoot '14 Miles: 1.00Boston Miles: 5.50Mana Miles: 22.00Stratus Black Miles: 7.00Lyte33 Miles: 8.00Landreth Blue Miles: 7.00Kinvara Silver Miles: 8.25Kinvara Green Miles: 26.25
Total Distance

AM - 17.25 Parkway/Dirt Mile. Went up onto the Dirt Mile to see how muddy it was for today's run and the went around the Parkway. For practice we went back up to the Dirt Mile and ran a 40 min tempo (which was a good solid Tinman pace for me). All groups did well and the team is looking strong from a solid summer. Finished up with 8xbarefoot striders. Great temps, albeit a bit humid, after the rain all day yesterday. (barefoot '14 43.75)(Ronin 428.25)

afternoon - 8.5 Sand Hill. I love running up on a beautiful mountain trail in the trees, but I am a Desert Rat at heart and today was absolutely amazing. I hoped it would rain today - the weather was pretty sure it would, so I planned on running up on the Sand Hill. The trail should have been perfect with yesterday's rain and hopefully no horses had been up there today to ruin it. Around 1:30, a slight sprinkle started, so I hit the road over to the trail up Millcreek. By the time I got off the road, the rain had really picked up and just poured down on me for the next 30 minutes. The trail was amazing. The sand was compacted and soft; very runnable. Climbing the hill I was able to summit above two slot canyons and watch the flash floods start forming off the slick rock. The desert seemed to come alive with color - greens and sage; and the smell was amazing. The only thing missing was some wildlife. I hoped to see a tortoise, but worried I might step on a rattlesnake (since it was raining so hard I wouldn't have been able to hear it) - didn't see either. Amazing experience in the desert. (Kinvara3 740.5)

Kinvara3 Miles: 8.50Ronin Miles: 16.25Barefoot '14 Miles: 1.00
Total Distance

AM - 22 Tempo Loop/Parkway. Had a better tempo today - best of the cycle for me, so far. Ave was 5:38 for 7. Started with a :43 when I checked at the top of the Chipman Hill, then :41 at the bridge, :43 leaving Mosquito, :35 at the car wash, and :38 at the end obviously. Since my enter button doesn't work, my watch is stuck without laps, so this is how I'll monitor my progress in future weeks with these check points. I had ups and downs, but felt pretty solid from then end of mosquito to the end. I just wasn't quite brave enough to catch Clyde all the way, but all three of us were pretty close. Then at practice we ran 3xParkway hills. I was absolutely spent and ran with some of the JV guys. Finished off kids club today, which is great to have over. I had to run a relay and the cool down in some high heels because I lost a bet with the 3rd/4th girls and couldn't touch my toes by the end of the summer. It wasn't easy and killed my feet. But they sure showed off my fine calves! (Mana 623.5)

afternoon - 5.5 PV. Got out and hit DI before practice. Then ran the time trial course and an extension into the neighborhood below the school. Weights after. (Boston 1112.25)

Boston Miles: 5.50Mana Miles: 22.00
Total Distance

AM - 8 PV.  Ran over to school and then around the neighborhoods before practice.  Team did a time trial today and ran very well.  First day of work for me today.  The only thing about starting school so early is that we can get down to business for XC.  Today will be a much easier day than the last two - and the legs are happy about that.  (Lyte33 96)

afternoon - 7 home/ND. Ran home from school and then up into the north desert with the boys for practice. Took a little different route than I normally do and it was nice to mix it up. Swam it up pretty good after too. (Stratus black 1150.45)

Stratus Black Miles: 7.00Lyte33 Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

AM - 8.25 Green Springs.  Ran over to school via GS.  I was slightly disappointed with the sunrise this morning; then I looked up and it was like suddenly one of the most amazing sunrises ever.  Very cool.  Temps were amazing this morning.  Legs not up to a lot right now.  (Kinvara silver 457)

afternoon - 7 Hot Nails/home. Ran into Washington for practice and then weights. Then ran home. I am going to ditch these shoes. My achilles was improving until I wore them today and I always just feel so junky in them. So right now while I am thinking of how dead they are I'll chuck them. (Landreth blue 1135.4)

Landreth Blue Miles: 7.00Kinvara Silver Miles: 8.25
Total Distance

morning - 12.25 River Trail.  90 minutes on the River Trail with the team.  Didn't get as far as last week when we were up in the mountains and mud, but we held together a lot better as a team.  Felt a lot better than the last two days.  Wore a sleeve for my right calf and achilles.  (Kinvara3 752.75)

Kinvara3 Miles: 12.25
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Total Distance

AM - 26.25 Gunlock. Had to start around Brookside and then we turned at Veyo and dropped down to Gunlock and down around to Ivins. Felt pretty crappy throughout the whole run. Hoped that the easy end to the week would liven the legs up, and it seemed to a bit yesterday. My achilles (right) really gave me a lot of trouble and hurt the whole time. Had one good section up around Kayenta, but that faded quickly as we climbed into Ivins. Happy to get a long run in though and have an enjoyable run with my buddies. Ave was 6:29 for a 2:50, so really not too shabby with nothing really quick. (Kinvara green 116.5)

Last big mileage week for me. I just don't see them happening with school starting and XC in full swing. Sometimes (often) I wonder how much I can keep balancing all of this. But I've done it in the past, and I'll probably keep doing it in the future.

Goals for next week: everything now will be to try and turn this base into some sort of marathon pace. So tempos and if I can ever feel strong enough some intervals. Mileage goals will be around 100. And, get the achilles feeling back to what it was at the beginning of the week.

Kinvara Green Miles: 26.25
Total Distance
Kinvara3 Miles: 20.75Ronin Miles: 16.25Barefoot '14 Miles: 1.00Boston Miles: 5.50Mana Miles: 22.00Stratus Black Miles: 7.00Lyte33 Miles: 8.00Landreth Blue Miles: 7.00Kinvara Silver Miles: 8.25Kinvara Green Miles: 26.25
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