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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George '14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

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Love running now.

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Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

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Adios Lifetime Miles: 512.25
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Total Distance
Total Distance

4xmile repeats (cemetary loop-a couple of neighborhood blocks that I use as mile repeats, some hills both up and down, with the up at the end-I think it is pretty tough and costs me about 10 seconds as compared to a track)

1 mile warmup-wasn't enough, it was pretty chilly

1st-5:45 felt like I was pushing hard, but I was still just trying to get warmed up.

2nd-5:27 probably my most even splits, moved it hard throughout, even up the hills

3rd-5:27 I guess I should say this was also my most even splits because at key points I looked at my watch and every time it read the exact same as mile 2 (but I was working much harder)

4th-5:30 Started off stronger by about 4 seconds by just over 1/2 mile, but I could feel my legs losing it by the end. Still I thought I was going to be a little quicker then the middle two (pushed it very hard on this one).

5:00 minute cool jog between each mile and a 3/4 mile jog home for the total.

Felt good about the run besides not warming up enough. But it was late (for me) and cold (for St. George) and I didn't even want to go. So I am glad I got out and pushed myself.



Total Distance

Washington Parkway - 5 easy miles as a recovery. Too windy to try and run hard today even if I wanted. Had cross-country awards night and I was too wiped out to run after.



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Total Distance

4xHills - 1.6 mile warm up from PVHS to Sunrise Tire Hill (Foremaster): a .25 mile hill with a climb of 116 ft. up a lava ridge (I think a perfect hill - long, but not too long to push all the way; steep, but again not too steep to push all the way).

1st-1:57 thought this might be a long day

2nd-1:55 felt a lot stronger and figured I could get through 4

3rd-1:55 pretty excited to hit the time again when I could feel the hill really working me

4th-1:53 got stronger on each one even though I was wiped out by the end of this one.

Decided to run back along Foremaster route to add a few more miles. After getting to the bottom down by the carwash there was road construction so I detoured back up the Mall run reverse and back to PVHS. Took the miles back nice and smooth. Hit a couple near 6:30 on the downhill parts and the uphill and flat to the finish went about 7:15.


RHR-41 (has stayed up in the low 40's a little lately)

Total Distance

Black Hill run with club. Felt great and moved it pretty good. Ran miles 3-9.5 at or near marathon pace with Steve (5:50-6:10 uphill).



Total Distance

Green Springs then Powerline Trail onto Turkey Farm road and back to PVHS. Felt good - better then last time I ran this run (2 weeks ago). Ave. pace was at 7 min/mile. But I did hit about 4 of the miles at or below marathon pace.

For some stupid reason, though, I ran in an old pair of 2100's (from this years St. George) to give my Landreths a rest. Until I can by a new pair, I wanted to rotate maybe a couple of times a week. PF hurt a lot, knees hurt a lot, everything hurt a lot. I never realized how much trouble those shoes caused me until I started the Landreths...Best shoe I have EVER worn.



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Good brisk weathered run with the club (and everyone there!). Ran from Dixie Center over Webb Hill - bridge may be done for old half marathon course... Yes! Then into Bloomington Hills and out onto what I will name the Hidden Valley Trail. Overall average was slow (7:45). First two miles taking a total of 20 minutes didn't help. But my sore knees and feet didn't help. The last 2.5 miles we picked it up a bit and brought them down to marathon pace. It felt good to end the run on a positive note.



Sunday's (W and RHR were off because I took them later in the day)



Goal for this coming week: Get good mileage in over Thanksgiving including a strong day of 800's and hills on Monday and Tuesday. Start broadening the base a bit (maybe 60 miles).

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