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Jan 02, 2006



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PRs: 2:26:29 marathon @ St.George '14; 1:09:55 1/2 mar. '08; 31:00 10k '07

Short-Term Running Goals:

Love running now.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Love running forever!


My perfect day would include a run through the desert, time with my wife and girls, tasty homemade meals, and a nice nap in the middle.

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Adios Lifetime Miles: 512.25
Rocket 2 Lifetime Miles: 109.00
Kinvara Grey Lifetime Miles: 222.00
Vazee Pace Lifetime Miles: 437.75
Pace Blue Lifetime Miles: 231.75
Boston Lifetime Miles: 520.25
Peg Green Lifetime Miles: 544.00
Speedgoat Lifetime Miles: 325.00
Peg Purple Lifetime Miles: 509.50
Ravenna Lifetime Miles: 525.50
Barefoot '18 Lifetime Miles: 6.75
Levitate Lifetime Miles: 419.50
Peg NOP Lifetime Miles: 380.00
Peg Blue34 Lifetime Miles: 408.25
Solar Glide Lifetime Miles: 210.00
Levitate Black Lifetime Miles: 83.75
Total Distance
Kinvara Blue Miles: 5.00Pegasus Blue Miles: 16.25Pegasus 31 Miles: 7.00Vazee Pace Miles: 9.50Kinvara Silver Miles: 7.00Pegasus Black Miles: 18.50
Total Distance

AM - 4.25 Twix. Run around the town a bit. (Peg blue 47)

afternoon - 5 DI. Ran around as a warm and cool with the team and a bit during the team's time trial. (Kinvara blue 301)

Kinvara Blue Miles: 5.00Pegasus Blue Miles: 4.25
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Total Distance

AM - 7 Twix/AC. A bit with the dog and then short mornings with the team. (Peg 680.75)

afternoon - 9.5 30/30. Ran easy 30 mins with the team and then a 30/30 up on the Dirt Mile. Didn't have much pop at all, but actually hit pretty decent distances/paces throughout the workout. (Pace 185)

Pegasus 31 Miles: 7.00Vazee Pace Miles: 9.50
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Total Distance

AM - 7 Twix/AC. Morning with the dog then the boys. (Peg blue 54)

afternoon - 7 track/Turf. Ran around with the with their warm/cool and between their reps. Got home and ran with Pyper and the dogs around our neighborhood. Dang Twix tripped me and beat up my knee a bit. I am too old to be falling down. (Kinvara silver 525.5)

Kinvara Silver Miles: 7.00Pegasus Blue Miles: 7.00
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Total Distance

AM - 5 Twix/AC.  Slept in a little to catch a few more winks before the drive down to Flag tonight.  So Twix and I only went just over 2.  My knee was pretty sore and tight, especially at first.  At practice we hit our tapering 20 while sharing last night's dreams.  Now get through the day and drive the 1st leg safely.  (Peg blue 59)

PM - 4 Flagstaff.  Kind of a guess on mileage (don't remember what it was).  Went around NAU a bit; found an open gate to break into the track; visited the lumberjack; saw what we would all look like if we were zombies.  Good times... makin' memories.  (Peg black 396.25)

Pegasus Black Miles: 4.00Pegasus Blue Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

morning - 4.5 Buffalo Park.  Around the park in Flag and extended down on to the Arizona Trail.  Just a fun time hanging out with the team.  They keep me young.  

afternoon - 3 Casa Grande.  Down on the NXR Southwest course.  If this stinking town wasn't so far away life would be much better.  Had a good time with the team though.  (Peg black 403.75)

Pegasus Black Miles: 7.50
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Total Distance

morning - 7 Casa Grande.  Chose to just run with the team on their warm and around cheering for everyone.  We had some ups and downs.  Boys team ran pretty well, but a big struggle from Hell Raiser really hammered our points - bummer to see him struggle so much in this race; he deserved to be in the mix.  The girls ran pretty solid; still a lot of room for growth with better coaching/preparation and mental toughness as well - but we are learning and things are going to continue to improve.  Very fun to watch such awesome teams and individuals.  (Peg Black 410.75)

Enjoyable week.  And we traveled safely.

Goals for next week: more safe travel to SLC and get some workouts in.  Keep trying to get a little faster.

Pegasus Black Miles: 7.00
Total Distance
Kinvara Blue Miles: 5.00Pegasus Blue Miles: 16.25Pegasus 31 Miles: 7.00Vazee Pace Miles: 9.50Kinvara Silver Miles: 7.00Pegasus Black Miles: 18.50
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